A Skills Workbook
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This book is based on the belief that only the dreamer can
accurately interpret a dream. Dreams are a true reflection of the
real you. This book will guide you, in easy to follow steps, to
understanding yourself better through your dreams. You will
learn to work creatively with your dreams to make better life
choices and take positive action to achieve your potential.
ISBN 978-1-84937-055-4
Learn  how to remember your dreams

Structured approach with lots of tools to enable you to understand your dreams

Explanation of the language of dreams and the importance of symbols and metaphor

A large variety of techniques for dream interpretation

Step by step instructions and worked examples

Exercises to help you incubate a dream to find answers to problems

Understand your motivation and reveal your goals

Make positive changes to your life with easy to use tools for interpreting dreams

Open new doors into awareness and understanding of yourself and others

How to find and follow the signposts in your dreams to a richer, more fulfilling life
Dreaming Yourself Aware gives a
step by step guide to interpreting
your dreams. It will show you how
to translate your dreams into
positive action for change.

Let your dreams make a difference
to your life.
“This is masterpiece amongst self-help books. The insights I
gained about myself through understanding my dreams, have
been truly amazing.”

“Dream, Analyse, Action – a recipe for success!”
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