The Middle World
This is the world of our physical or material reality and is made up of the spirits of living plants, animals
and humans. Shamanism is animistic, which means that everything is believed to have a spirit energy,
even inanimate objects and places and this energy can be revealed and accessed through middle world
journeying. The material possessions that are found in everyday reality are no exception; cars, houses,
musical instruments, jewellery, food etc… Making contact with the inhabitants of the Middle World may
enable you to obtain information about the spirit of a place, gain energy for material success or ideas
about how to progress a project,

It is the place you go to deal with the things of this everyday world; which job to take, how to deal with a
problem etc…. There are Shamanic practitioners who claim to be able to journey in this world unseen.
They are the shape shifters. Others report having journeyed in the Middle World to see how relatives are
doing at a distant place or, in the past, to locate herds of migratory animals for purposes of hunting. It is
probable that dream precognition, dream telepathy and remote viewing operate at this same level.
However, modern day Shamans often prefer not to draw on the spirits of the Middle World because it is
difficult to discern the truth and one can be easily deceived and misled. In addition, power wielded in this
world can have unforeseen and dangerous consequences. Middle World journeying can also be
confusing as there are an infinite number of worlds not immediately recognisable as being different to our
own where time, as we understand it, can operate completely differently. There are those who make
parallels to the Astral plane, a level of reality populated by incarnate and discarnate entities; a place
where the recently deceased may be found and those beings who have remained close to the earth
plane. Please take warning, however, for the purposes of Shamanic dream work, we only aim to bring
the insights we gain into the “everyday” Middle World in order that we may better equip ourselves to live
fulfilling lives, not to dabble in necromancy. My advice is to restrict journeying to the Lower and Upper
Worlds whenever possible.