The Dream Experience
A fun way to learn !
Information for Schools and Colleges
This is your chance to participate in a pioneering new venture to bring an awareness of the power of dreams to
your institution.
Dreams are an incredibly useful resource in
education; they have immense value in all areas of
the curriculum.
Social Value
Creative Value
Educational Value
Psychological Value
Give your students the opportunity to set foot on a staircase to the world of
dreams; a journey that can lead to increased self-worth and achievement.
A session typically lasts two hours but this can be reduced or extended according to requirements.
You can book a one-off session, perhaps as a taster, or you can book a block. The number and length
of sessions can be tailored to your requirements.
Click on the Links below for Samples of some of the Activities. (Specific activities will be
recommended but these will be fully discussed with the tutor in advance of the session).
Years 12 & 13
Years 7 - 11
Jo Harthan works within the IASD Ethics Guidelines and will ensure an emotionally safe environment for
any student wishing to share their dreams.
And don't the teachers deserve a treat as well?  Why not
book a session as part of Staff Development?
Adult sessions
Why would I want a Dream Experience Session in my Academic Institution?
Nutrition and exercise get a great deal of attention in academic curricula and yet sleep. whose effect on the health and safety of the body
and mind is at least as important, is often overlooked.
Sleep and dreams are universal human experiences. We can expect to spend one-third of our lives asleep, and about a quarter of that
time engaged in the nightly experiences we call dreams. Since everyone sleeps and everyone dreams, all students have a very personal
stake in the class material. In fact, at some point in life, everyone will likely struggle with at least one sleep / dream issue: insomnia, jet lag,
nightmares, sleep deprivatiomn, shift work, sleep walking or sleep talking.
Young people are very interested in sleep and dreams and this may be the best reason for addressing these topics in your school or
college. They are mysterious and puzzling, spurring great curiosity among students, especially adolescents, who are often fascinated by
their own inner experiences, Because of this, class activities on sleep and dreams can aid understanding in many diverse subject areas,
for instance; science, health, language, arts, social studies, fine arts and psychology.
Now there is the opportunity to address that curiosity, encourage self-reflection and stimulate a lifelong interest in the fascinating world of
sleep and dreams.
Competitive prices dependent on location and requirements. Substantial discounts available for block bookings.
For more information or to book a session, please contact:
Dr. J. C. Harthan
01509 559177 (Mobile) 07941 449994
Or email:
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