Dreaming Volunteers Needed
to participate in research for my next book
Designing the Dayshift
How To Make Your Dreams Reality
Q Are you seriously interested in dreams
&                         sometimes remember them?
Q Are you currently facing an important decision
or            are unsure about future plans?
Q Do you live in the Nottingham/Loughborough area?
Your committment would be:
- To learn how to incubate dreams and to follow the instructions given in respect of carrying out incubations.
- To try and faithfully record all dreams remembered from an incubation
- To attend one or two meetings with the author in order to explore the meaning of the incubated dream.
All those completing the programme will receive a complimentary
copy of my book "Working the Nightshift, How to understand your
Dreams, and incubation requests, will not be
published without permission of the dreamer.
Apply by email
If you're interested in participating, please apply by email
giving your full name and location and typing
Dream Volunteer
in the subject heading.
Please also include a brief explanation of why you are
interested in participating, i.e. the nature of the decision you
are currently facing or the reason for your uncertain future.
All information disclosed is in confidence.
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Joan Harthan
Instruction & incubation is likely to begin in Autumn 2011
If you can answer
"YES" to at least two of
these questions, I hope
you'll consider