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Working the Nightshift How To Understand Your Dreams (First Edn)
by Dr. Joan C. Harthan  (Paperback - Sept.2005)

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As well as giving a comprehensive background to the history of dreams, and how the modern
world views them, this book will guide you step by step through ten in-depth dream analysis
techniques. The techniques supply the essential groundwork for working productively with
dreams and can be used by those working alone, in groups or in therapy. The book illustrates,
with examples from the author's own dreams, how information found in this magical world can be
used to highlight behaviour and motivations and also provide a springboard for major life changes.
Interpreting dreams is a challenge; a challenge that can only be surmounted if we understand
their language. This understanding cannot be obtained from the increasingly popular method of
using 'dream dictionaries'. Those books are based on gypsy folklore or superstition and give
cultural and historical meanings to dream symbols. Although they can be very entertaining, they
can only offer superficial, and often misleading, interpretations. You created your dream, only you
can know what it means. This book will lead you into an understanding of your own dream
symbolism and show you that many dreams contain creative solutions to life's problems.
It's all there inside you, just waiting to be discovered.
How you use this discovery is up to you.
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"Working the Nightshift" is essential reading for anyone who is seriously interested in
finding out what their dreams mean.

"Working the Night Shift is not only grounded in dream science and contemporary theory, but
is one of the most comprehensive books I have read on some of the most useful and
well-accepted techniques for working with dreams."  
Bob Hoss, Author of Dream Language, Executive Officer and past President of the
International Association for the Study of Dreams.
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